Monday, August 30, 2010

Diet Plan & Actions....


Just an update about my diet plan. My normal average weight in the past 4-5 yrs were between 50-52. But since I broke my ankle in April, My weight has gone out of control. I bedrest for a month, couldn't walk, just ate and lay in bed all day. Its been 4 months since then, my ankle is getting in shape but still unable to wear heels yet. :((

My current weight now is 58, which is unbelievable. Cannot fit into any of the old clothings speacially the trouser and jeans.. Its ridiculous...

Its been a week now that my doctor has allowed me to start working out.. So the mission starts.. Together with excersing I am also controlling on my diet. So a very dear friend of mine came out a diet plan for me keeping my daily wants and needs in the plan. (thank you Dee)

Will soon (hopfully) be starting belly dancing class soon.. (will keep posted) For now, here is my diet plan!!


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