Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Song ---

Hi Blossoms!!

My cousin just asked me to listen to this song which is so touching, so I thought I should just share it. The song is from a Hindi Movie called Kal Ho Na No. Its the title track of that song. However, I share the translation of the song to you all..

Life changes its beauty all the time
Sometimes it’s a shade, sometimes life is sunlight
Live every moment here to your heart’s content
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

One who loves you whole-heartedly
It is difficult meet that person
If there is someone like that somewhere
That person is more beautiful than all
Grab onto that (person’s) hand
He or she may not be so gracious tomorrow
Live every moment here to your heart’s content
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

Taking the shadow of your eyelashes, when someone comes near
You try to reason with your crazy heart
Your heart just goes on beating
But think, that which is here now
That story may not be here tomorrow
Life changes its beauty all the time
Sometimes it’s a shade, sometimes life is sunlight

Live every moment here to your heart’s content
The time that is here may not be tomorrow
The time that is here may not be tomorrow

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Night out with my best-eess!!! 25th Sep'10

U-Hoo Blossomer!!!
Sharing with you another night out  with my 2 dearest..Had fun getting ready equally as being out!!! Just being together no matter where, it just completes the whole things. It took me super long to decide what to wear, I was looking super fat in things that I was trying. So ended up with all sorta black outfit. Wasn't really confident but it looked the best. It's time for shopping I guess.. My top is from xoxo (THB 700) jeggins from the market (THB 300) and my bad from ZARA (THB 2,700.-). Make up from MAC... Mix all possible products I had.. hehehe :) Here is the final look... tttthhhdaaaaa :)

My pink cupboard behind!!

I look a bit weired here isn't it?? 

Soni, My cousin...

Stop for Macdonal at the monument, so got off and took pics...

Swati, My Cousin, who just went back to Delhi. Miss you gurl <3 ... 

Take Care and Keep Blossoming!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sala Phuket Resort & Spa

Hello Blossoms!!

I recently visited Phuket with my cousin for Holiday. Will share more details soon but for now, wanted to share the resort we stayed. It was fabulous. Very well worth it. Stay 1 night, get 1 night free of charge and including one hour massage of your choice with late check out until 16:00hrs. Isn't that cool. If you happen to visit Phuket, I recommend this hotel Sala Phuket Resort & Spa. Superb ambiance and just perfect to relax. Here are some pics:
Sala Pool Villa by Night

Sala Pool Villa by Morning

The living room and bathroom combine in a trendy way.

Private beach - Sunset!! Amazing!!

The lobby by night. Love the lights!! Want them...
Will update more about the trip soon!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

23rd, 25th, 26th September 2010


Just updating what I wore in the past few days. Haven't really got time to post them on a daily basis..Just been busy with my cousins..So here we go!!!

23rd September 2010
Love my boyfriend coat and toy watch....

25th September 2010
A bit gurlie look.. lemon green dress with my baby LV..

26th September 2010
Very bubly..jelly look isn't it?? I look super fat but it was so comfortable..

Take care and keep blossoming!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hual 25th September 2010

Hey Blossoms!!!

What have you guys been up to? I went out for shopping today, so wanted to share what all I got. This time with a vdo.. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hair Extension (Clip-ins)

Heya fellow!!!

Hope you guys have been doing well. Today I wanna share about hair extension that I tried from my cousin. They look good don't you think?? It just enhances the look. It's very easy to clip with your hair and it's very tight as well. The only thing that can be spotted is that, the extension are very shiny whereas the natural hair are sorta dry. It cost around 700 Baht. Here are some pics... Enjoy

Let me know what you guys think...Take care until then..
Keep blossoming...xoxo

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

14 September 2010

Yoooohoo!!! Its 14 September !!! (in dancing mode)

Love what I was wearing today. It was so comfortable and light. Its a dress I got from Siam for 350 Baht. Love the bow effect on the dress. and the highlight is the bag. Was 50-50 when I was buying it. But with this dress the bag looks superb in my point of view. Got it for 1,400 Baht. Here is the pic!!
Love the Bag!!!

haha this pic, mom took for me!! :)
Let me know how you guys liked it. Until then keep blossoming!!!

13 September 2010

Hey Blossomer!!

Monday morning!! I'm sure everyone was rushing to work..Monday morning is my toughest day of the week. I was super late. Got Dress without thinking at all. But I manage to take a pic to show you guys. (winks) Never too late for anything..hehehehahahaha... I was wearing a  green peacock dress and carrying my black coach tote bag. White guess watch and my hair was in a bad condition.

Oh ya, in the office got compliments as well for this dress. :) Also got to know from my manager that, in China. the royal family will wear a peacock feather on their head to symbolize the seniority and the post of the royal family. The more feather the higher is the seniority. (some facts for you)

Here is the Look, please comment or become a fan if you like :) It would mean alot.

Have fun and Take care!!! xoxox

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

12 September 2010

Hello!! :)

Got up super late, had to catch up with Sonica and Swati for lunch date and shopping as well. Didn't really wanna think of what to wear so wore this black casual short jumpsuit, accessorize it with a long chain with owl pendant. Also with it, carry my coach poppy back with my toy watch. As for shoe, I wore my light pink crocs. So super casual all in all. Here are some pics.
Thats me!! :) My same location :)
Oh ya, I got new lenses as well from Fresh look, in grey color. Not so confident of how its looking on me. So let me know.
This is with less lighting.
Natural??? Or no??
Also here are some of the pic from the day!!
Chilling at Starbucks after shopping!!
Sonica!! (my cousin)
Swati :)
tadaaa...and mee :)
Keep Blossoming!! :)

11 September 2010

Hey Blossoms!!

So wht did you guys do on 11 Sep'10??  I was busy with my cousin (Swati) who came from India for a short holiday, so went shopping, got a hair cut, and then went out for drinks to Bombay Blue, its the only place that plays hindi song and has sheesha at the same time. We were there for a short while and then headed to Khao Sarn Road. Would have had a great night if the night didn't end with listening to my younger bro rambling.. He went on and on and on!! But anyhow, super great night. Here are some pics!!

Myself, Swati & Sonica
Nice smile my gurlies...mwaahh

Was in the same dress from morning till night.. didn;t have time to go back and change..thats why everyone so casual and no buffing!! Thats all for now. Take care guys and Keep blossoming..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Not liking ---

Heya Blossom-er!!

Another ramble about this tv show that I watch on Sony television (India), Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch bhi Karega. It is a competition based variety entertainment reality TV Show. Hosts are Mona Singh and Vishal Malhotra. Mona Singh is an Indian model, actor and TV star. Judges are Anu Malik and Farah Khan.It comes at 9:30 Monday to Friday.
Alrite so, I don't exactly watch but I just leave the tv on and do some other things like surf or cycling or some cleaning up.. It's like just a peek in the tv from time to time. I really don't like wht Mona Singh wears on the show. Its super ugly and it irritates me when I happen to see her on screen. I really tried to search a pic of her's online, but its seem like her daily dress has not caught anyone's  attention so I can't even find to show you all. There is just one as of now to show you. Will keep posting if i find more. I really wanna know who is arranges the dresses for her.
This is during the launch!! Imagine!

She is a beautiful girl but the outfit is such a turn off for me!! thats all for now!!

Take care!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Hair Cut - 11 September 2010


Finally got a new hair cut after 4 months. Was super excited, I wanted to  keep the length but I'm never successful cause the hair dresser always goes beyond. I've put the before and after pic for you all. Let me know how you like it.!!! Cheers

Took it before getting a hair cut!! Long and no layer!!
New Look!!

Take care and keep blossoming!!

10 September 2010

Hiya blossoms!!

Just an outfit of the day post here.. the pic is a bit blurry but should be fine I guess. In this I'm finally wearing the boyfriend jacket that i got. Love it, but I think the fitting was not all that great, will get it fitted. Under that I paired it with a flurry white top from ESP and jegging. Wore a long chain which I got for 100 baht. With this look, I'm holding my LV speedy 35. thats all...I'm super tired and just simply rambling.. So take care and have a good one... :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hi blossom!!!

Sorry didn't get the time to update yesterday, was a little busy. Hope you all are doing good. I've got 2 random things to share. Things you might not know it existed. I'm sure to share

Firstly, do you guys know, there is a business for renting plants?? I mean real plants rental?? Where I work, it happens and I just got to know its a very big business as well. These company they rent out plants, which is decorated in our office and every week they come and change it for you. So basically you don't have to do any maintainance. They will change it all up. And wht they do with those plants, is they re grow and give them some sun light and again resend it out. In this way, you always have good looking plants where ever you want.

Secondly, In Thailand, there is this channel dedicated solely to the only 'Panda' that we have in Chiang Mai. Its called Lin Hua. Her parents were lend by the government of China to Thailand. So in that period they had Lin Hui and It was a gift to Thailand. So with all the hype, we have a channel that you can see the panda for 24 hours. Its super funny if you really sit and watch it.

Thats all for now. Keep blossoming.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Product Rave - Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock

Dear Blossom!! 
You have no idea of how important it is to put sun block, especially in countries like Asia where it is hot through out the year. I must say, I wasn’t really much of a fan wearing sun block everyday, until I met this.
Sunblock tends to be too greasy cause stickiness to my skin. 
So I got to secrete in Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sun block SPF 50. This is my current fav since it is the ONLY sun block my oily face can stand!
Here's my rave review. 
Light weight, Non-Greasy Feel: It gives a just-right matte finish. Can wear it alone or under makeup, and I’ve pretty confident it won’t be caking on your foundation or powder. This is perfect for people who have oily skin, although it’s not meant for oil control, it won’t surely cause your skin to grease. 
Breakout Free and Mild scented: It’s not like the other sun block that smells gross like chemical. I think it should be suitable for all skin type. 
Pricing: very affordable. It costs around 450 Thai Baht. If you using only for your face then it can last for 3 to 4 months, depending upon how much your using.   
Take care of your skin and keep them nourished!
Keep Blossoming!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August Favorites!!

Hey Blossomer's!! 

This post is about things I love for the month of August. Will probably do this every month. There is no category, it will just include anything and everything. So lets begin.

Aug Fav Product/Items !!
  1. Pearl Earrings - I've been wearing this everyday. Don't know why, just feel it completes the look. Got this as a gift long time back.
  2. Tiffany Key Crown key pendant from Tiffany & Co. - Crown key pendant in sterling silver.2.5' long. Just love it! Got it for 450 Thai Baht. For more info, click this link 
  3. Pillow Mist from THE SPA - Hilton: this product is awesome. It just complete and put you off to sleep so peacefully. Its got lavender smell. It help you to relax and into deep rest. All you gotta do is spray this on your pillow, leave it for 5 mins before you sleep. Don't know if this is a permanent product of Hilton Spa, I got this last year during the hotel inspection. Don't remember how much it was for.
  4. Hollywood Fashion Tape - This thing is so handy specially when your wearing some strappy top or if your bra is showing, you can just use this sticker thing to attach. It can be used on dry, oil free skin or fabric. My friend Prem introduce me to this product and I love it!! Thank you Prem!! This company also sell more handy things for girls. Check out their website HollywoodFashionTape
  5. Mac Lipstick in the shade "Viva Glam V" - It's in luster form. It has become my daily wear lipstick sorta thing. It appears nude on my skin which is perfect. Not dramatic. Got this for around 700 Thai Baht, dont really remember. Click this link to visit their website maccosmetics
  6. Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer (Collagen Activ Lip gloss), this has been my fav since a long time. It's a clear pinkish gloss that has collagen. It proves to make your lip feel more fuller. It's got this cool sensation when you apply it. Dior Website
  7. Skin Food Eyeshadow Tip Brush - This is a Korean brand. its super good. I just realize that this applicator applies better than the normal eye shadow brush. They pack in colors better. Got this for 220 Thai Baht.
That's all folks, Have a good one!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

6th September 2010


It's first day of the week and I'm already tired!! Was super late for work today. Anyhow, today, I dig out one of my very old dress. It's still new, but I didn't like the color so I never got a chance to wear it. But this morning I decided to wear it. And guess wht?? I'm loving smoky gray for the first time. I think it looks super cool with navy blue. However, the material of the dress is layered and very delicate sort of fabric. It was quite hard to manage but however, I just wore it!! And you can see in the pic, it doesn't look that great coz too much was happening with the whole thing. What do you guys think?? Feel free to give suggestion.
Look @ my pose... Attention!!!
Look @ my hair, this is when I am in a rush!!
I am not liking my hair color AT all. Its so reddy and looks as if its super damage. I think I need to redo it. Maybe get some shade that is near my original hair color..

Thats all for now!!! Have a great one!!

Maybelline - The Magnum Volume Express (Super Film) Mascara

Hello Blossom!!

I've been asked quite often about my lashes. What did I use and blah blah blah. So here is my review on Maybelline Mascara - The Magnum Volume Express - Super Film.
I love it. That’s because its slightly curved. The bristles are quite sparsely arranged but arranged in such a way as to be able to grab quite a lot of your lashes at one go. The inner curve has shorter bristles while the edges and outer part of the curve has longer bristles.

I use the inner side of the curve to apply mascara on my lashes and one swipe is usually enough to give decent definition to my lashes. The brush is still a little big for my liking but I’ll live. I do have straight lashes so volume and length are 2 things I look for in a mascara.

This mascara is for 349 Thai Baht!! :) Go grab it!
Keep Blossoming

Sunday, September 5, 2010

05 September 2010

Hi Blossoms!!

Had a happy sunday!! Did nothing productive.. Just went to the gym, paid my CC and back home!! :) Had a super long workout session today. Did 30 min cardio and weight lift for an hour. Overall, good session!! 
All fit and ready to kick off!!
Not wearing makeup except for lip gloss!! :)