Tuesday, September 14, 2010

11 September 2010

Hey Blossoms!!

So wht did you guys do on 11 Sep'10??  I was busy with my cousin (Swati) who came from India for a short holiday, so went shopping, got a hair cut, and then went out for drinks to Bombay Blue, its the only place that plays hindi song and has sheesha at the same time. We were there for a short while and then headed to Khao Sarn Road. Would have had a great night if the night didn't end with listening to my younger bro rambling.. He went on and on and on!! But anyhow, super great night. Here are some pics!!

Myself, Swati & Sonica
Nice smile my gurlies...mwaahh

Was in the same dress from morning till night.. didn;t have time to go back and change..thats why everyone so casual and no buffing!! Thats all for now. Take care guys and Keep blossoming..

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