Tuesday, September 14, 2010

12 September 2010

Hello!! :)

Got up super late, had to catch up with Sonica and Swati for lunch date and shopping as well. Didn't really wanna think of what to wear so wore this black casual short jumpsuit, accessorize it with a long chain with owl pendant. Also with it, carry my coach poppy back with my toy watch. As for shoe, I wore my light pink crocs. So super casual all in all. Here are some pics.
Thats me!! :) My same location :)
Oh ya, I got new lenses as well from Fresh look, in grey color. Not so confident of how its looking on me. So let me know.
This is with less lighting.
Natural??? Or no??
Also here are some of the pic from the day!!
Chilling at Starbucks after shopping!!
Sonica!! (my cousin)
Swati :)
tadaaa...and mee :)
Keep Blossoming!! :)

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