Wednesday, September 15, 2010

13 September 2010

Hey Blossomer!!

Monday morning!! I'm sure everyone was rushing to work..Monday morning is my toughest day of the week. I was super late. Got Dress without thinking at all. But I manage to take a pic to show you guys. (winks) Never too late for anything..hehehehahahaha... I was wearing a  green peacock dress and carrying my black coach tote bag. White guess watch and my hair was in a bad condition.

Oh ya, in the office got compliments as well for this dress. :) Also got to know from my manager that, in China. the royal family will wear a peacock feather on their head to symbolize the seniority and the post of the royal family. The more feather the higher is the seniority. (some facts for you)

Here is the Look, please comment or become a fan if you like :) It would mean alot.

Have fun and Take care!!! xoxox