Tuesday, September 7, 2010

August Favorites!!

Hey Blossomer's!! 

This post is about things I love for the month of August. Will probably do this every month. There is no category, it will just include anything and everything. So lets begin.

Aug Fav Product/Items !!
  1. Pearl Earrings - I've been wearing this everyday. Don't know why, just feel it completes the look. Got this as a gift long time back.
  2. Tiffany Key Crown key pendant from Tiffany & Co. - Crown key pendant in sterling silver.2.5' long. Just love it! Got it for 450 Thai Baht. For more info, click this link Tiffany.com 
  3. Pillow Mist from THE SPA - Hilton: this product is awesome. It just complete and put you off to sleep so peacefully. Its got lavender smell. It help you to relax and into deep rest. All you gotta do is spray this on your pillow, leave it for 5 mins before you sleep. Don't know if this is a permanent product of Hilton Spa, I got this last year during the hotel inspection. Don't remember how much it was for.
  4. Hollywood Fashion Tape - This thing is so handy specially when your wearing some strappy top or if your bra is showing, you can just use this sticker thing to attach. It can be used on dry, oil free skin or fabric. My friend Prem introduce me to this product and I love it!! Thank you Prem!! This company also sell more handy things for girls. Check out their website HollywoodFashionTape
  5. Mac Lipstick in the shade "Viva Glam V" - It's in luster form. It has become my daily wear lipstick sorta thing. It appears nude on my skin which is perfect. Not dramatic. Got this for around 700 Thai Baht, dont really remember. Click this link to visit their website maccosmetics
  6. Christian Dior Addict Lip Maximizer (Collagen Activ Lip gloss), this has been my fav since a long time. It's a clear pinkish gloss that has collagen. It proves to make your lip feel more fuller. It's got this cool sensation when you apply it. Dior Website
  7. Skin Food Eyeshadow Tip Brush - This is a Korean brand. its super good. I just realize that this applicator applies better than the normal eye shadow brush. They pack in colors better. Got this for 220 Thai Baht.
That's all folks, Have a good one!!

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