Monday, September 6, 2010

Maybelline - The Magnum Volume Express (Super Film) Mascara

Hello Blossom!!

I've been asked quite often about my lashes. What did I use and blah blah blah. So here is my review on Maybelline Mascara - The Magnum Volume Express - Super Film.
I love it. That’s because its slightly curved. The bristles are quite sparsely arranged but arranged in such a way as to be able to grab quite a lot of your lashes at one go. The inner curve has shorter bristles while the edges and outer part of the curve has longer bristles.

I use the inner side of the curve to apply mascara on my lashes and one swipe is usually enough to give decent definition to my lashes. The brush is still a little big for my liking but I’ll live. I do have straight lashes so volume and length are 2 things I look for in a mascara.

This mascara is for 349 Thai Baht!! :) Go grab it!
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