Thursday, September 2, 2010

My friends Wedding!!

Last week I went for my friends wedding. It was my first time attending a Christian wedding. It was just like they show in movies. The music, the fantasy, the father, the cake, and ambiance, white flower. Everything was like a dream. I am so happy for the bride and the groom. All the best for their wedding life. Some pics from the wedding below.

Is it every girl's dream to get married and have babies? Think about it!!
The beautiful bride!! :))

This is after the wedding ceremony.  I was wear Jaspal, balloon sleeves, slik dress. Beige flats (still cannot wear heels) and I was carrying y fendi.

The flower throwing tradition, look at how all the gurls getting ready to catch that flower. They say, who ever catch hold of it, will get married next.. Haha I din't get.. Too slow I guess.

With my ex colleague (manager) Tobias.

My makeup looks horrible. Not flash friendly at all. It looks like makeup has worn down.  :((
That's all for now. I will be putting up clips of the wedding soon. Will keep you guys posted. Have a good guys.

xoxox, muaahh

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Deepesh Agarwal said...

really nice babess.. keep rocking...
u make the distance shorter....
ur blog helps me rejuvenate during late working hours....
take care and miss u....