Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Night out with my best-eess!!! 25th Sep'10

U-Hoo Blossomer!!!
Sharing with you another night out  with my 2 dearest..Had fun getting ready equally as being out!!! Just being together no matter where, it just completes the whole things. It took me super long to decide what to wear, I was looking super fat in things that I was trying. So ended up with all sorta black outfit. Wasn't really confident but it looked the best. It's time for shopping I guess.. My top is from xoxo (THB 700) jeggins from the market (THB 300) and my bad from ZARA (THB 2,700.-). Make up from MAC... Mix all possible products I had.. hehehe :) Here is the final look... tttthhhdaaaaa :)

My pink cupboard behind!!

I look a bit weired here isn't it?? 

Soni, My cousin...

Stop for Macdonal at the monument, so got off and took pics...

Swati, My Cousin, who just went back to Delhi. Miss you gurl <3 ... 

Take Care and Keep Blossoming!!!