Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hi blossom!!!

Sorry didn't get the time to update yesterday, was a little busy. Hope you all are doing good. I've got 2 random things to share. Things you might not know it existed. I'm sure to share

Firstly, do you guys know, there is a business for renting plants?? I mean real plants rental?? Where I work, it happens and I just got to know its a very big business as well. These company they rent out plants, which is decorated in our office and every week they come and change it for you. So basically you don't have to do any maintainance. They will change it all up. And wht they do with those plants, is they re grow and give them some sun light and again resend it out. In this way, you always have good looking plants where ever you want.

Secondly, In Thailand, there is this channel dedicated solely to the only 'Panda' that we have in Chiang Mai. Its called Lin Hua. Her parents were lend by the government of China to Thailand. So in that period they had Lin Hui and It was a gift to Thailand. So with all the hype, we have a channel that you can see the panda for 24 hours. Its super funny if you really sit and watch it.

Thats all for now. Keep blossoming.

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