Sunday, October 3, 2010

03rd October 2010

Hi Blossoms!!!

Hope you all are doing well. I was a bit sick, had fever and was feeling weaking. The reason being, yesterday I went to BNH hospital for my annual check-up. All the reports was good. I had to take injection for precaution of H1N1, so I took, and the side effect of this medicine is you will instantly get fever. And within minutes, I was super weak. Anyhow, recovering now.

Today was the first day I wore heels after the broke my ankle. It was weired but my foot couldn't take it for long. Here are some pics for the day..

Casual Sunday!! Flirty princess top and mini jeans skirt, with zara bag,
Tiffany Key Chain and toy watch. 

Closer Look---

My Ugly Feet in Heels after 5 months...

Take care ya'all and don't forget to keep blossoming!!! muaahh