Saturday, October 2, 2010

28th, 29th & 30th September

Yohoo Blossoms!!!

Group of daily updates!!!! I did not manage to take a pic everyday coz I used to wake up late so had to rush.. But here are some of them... So enjoy :) muaahh

28th Sep'10, In a rush, so took this pic while I was driving to work.
Normal pinkish cap sleeve top with normal black trouser.

Close up!! In rush, this is all that I did, under eye concealer, powder and gloss.
On your marks, get set and gooo..... 

29th Sep'10, Had a bit more time.. Normal top and black pants..

A pic without the bag...

This was on 30th Sep'10, a very different look. Had my hair tied covering my ears,
and also have a side brade. Funky top with jeggins..

All smile!! I super late as well!!
Take care ya'all..xoxox..

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