Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bigg Boss Season 4


Whats been rocking at your end? First of all I'm going to Hong Kong this coming Wednesday. My first business trip with Amadeus. So looking forward to it. I will be extending my trip until Sunday, just to see Macau, I haven't seen it yet although I've been to Hong Kong twice already. So hopefully I get time to see Macau and Disneyland. Super excited. 

Another thing that I am following closely is Bigg Boss 4. I know I know, it's lame and purely waist of time, I just watch for time pass. It's nothing really interesting this time. The contestant are so posh this time. Mostly people who have controversy. However, I am cheering for Sara Khan coz she is the youngest and also because I used to really follow her serial on star plus called Bidaai. Also another one is Sameer Soni. This is just the start, let see how it moves on and if my choice will change. There are 2 interesting candidate who I found to have really interesting profile are: Seema Parihar and Veena Malik. Read more about them here.

Few more blogs coming up. Keep tuned!! Mwahh !!