Monday, October 18, 2010

Surprise Surprise !!!

Hey Blossom!!!

Hope you all are doing fine. I just got back from Hong Kong yesterday from a business trip. Had great fun but it was tiring. Anyhow I will update about the trip later on.

Guess what I found out today??? It might be interesting for some of you but ya, If you like surprises, this is new way to look forward to something in a different way. has got this new concept, called Mystery Hotel. If you want to book a hotel in a particular province or country having your fixed budget in mind, but don't know where to stay and want some surprising/interesting thing in life, then you can select mystery hotel with you budget line. You'll get a confirmation and then after that only you will get to know which hotel you will get to stay. Sometime, you pay a cheap price of 5star hotel range but get some really good rooms comparing to the price you have stayed. For more information you can click on their website for more info and details.

I really like the concept cause I love surprises. And I think for people who love to travel, this is even more exciting for them.... So keep on clicking, this post was just to share...

Have fun and keep blossoming!!!

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