Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anchal's, Nina's & Preeya's Birthday

This blog is dedicated to my dearest friends Anchal, Nina & Preeya!!!

Many Happy returns of the day!!! Love you guys and had a fabulous time. Thanks for the treat. muaaahh

Just an update for people who didn't make it :P We went to Orient for dinner, ate like crazzyy and had our gift exchanged. Sorry Nina, we couldn't eat Roti!! Then we moved to Spring Summer to surprise Preeya!!! 
Big hugs to you all out there!!

Exchanging gifts!! Nina got mine.. :)
Earing and a Cherry blossom hand cream from L'occitaine
I got Anchal's Gift. Shower gel and Lotion!! Loved it!!

Ritu got Nina's!!!!!!!!!
Super Big Size bag!! Apparently bigger than Ritu!!lolz
Showing off her massive bag...Doremon Bag!! I like it...ahhaa!!
Anchal got Ritu's!!

Yups!! Underpants!!! I love the color!!
Anchal, I cannot see ur pearl earing!! lol
Now B'day Gift time!!! That mango bag from Ritu to Nina!!
Anchal B'day Gift!! Tee's from Mango
I gave a Dior mini perfume and lotion set!! Hope you liked it!!
@ Spring Summer

Preeya's B'day Suprise!! Finnally all 3 B'day gurls together!!
Prime time: The cake could only be blown and not cut!! rofl!!! :P
Preeya's gift time!! 
My Model friend!! lol

Had a great time gurls!!! Laughed, gossip, debating and having fun exchanging the gift!! It was just awesome. Love you gurls!! Missed the rest who couldn't make it (Prem, Poonam, Neet, Nisa & Kiran) :)

Take care & God Bless!!!