Saturday, December 18, 2010

Je t'aime

Hey guys!!

Got another surprise. This time its chocolate sent from France. Made by a world re-known choclatier. I wasn't that surprise when I received it because 2 days before receiving the parcel, a lady called from France to tell me that I would be receiving it on this this day.. I couldn't understand a word what that day spoke to me because she was speaking in English but full on french accent. Found it super funny.

When open the parcel, the packaging had a lock, which I guess the password right at I think around 10th trial..and inside the box, there was 12 heart chocolate, all different flavor. They tasted amazing....FULL 100% satisfaction!! I feel like singing that song, give me more give more give me more!! :P Thanks a ton!! Below are some photograph I took!! Have a look ;)

For more on the chocolate check out at
Take care all and enjoy the chill!!