Monday, December 13, 2010

Little me!!!

Hello Blossoms!!!

Haven't been blogging for a while now. I was really busy with work and other random things. Hope you all have been good. Just had a nice long weekend. Did nothing productive, had aim to hit the gym but was not successful. Anyhow will work harder I guess..

Alright, so today I going to broadcast my horrible childhood photographs. Been thinking for a long time to do so, but just too embarrassed...Gathered my guts so here we go...

Yes that's me!!!! Must be around 7 months...
Happy Swimming in Pattaya!!
My first trip to the US with Mommy!!
Say cheezz!!
@ Universal Studio, sleepy and just look at the classic hair
yeah that's me!! Hello!!!
@DisneyLand, Look at that!! unbelievable...

@Lake Mead Marina - Dad Mom and little Akku!!
@Hoover Dam!! Can't get enough of the hair style!!
Seaworld!!! eeekss I look disgusting!!
@circus circus!! Clown face!!
Final Clown Look!! lol

That's all folks!! Keep laughing!!! lol

1 comment:

PPW said...

hello hello...
got a chance to glance through your blog after so long and guess wat, i loved the transformation... lil akku is so cute.... wanna pull ur cheecks...
loved every picture of ur childhood, every one of them...
miss u loads akku... and yeah the sender says welcome pretty lady