Sunday, December 5, 2010

Work Place

Hi Blossom!!! 
How have you all been?? It's the Kings Birthday today and he turns 83 yrs today. Long Live the King, on this occasion it is considered to be Father's day too..So happy Father's day to all. Have a splendid long weekend.

I showed you my gym the other day, so thought of showing you my work place too. I am working for a multinational company dealing with travel technology and solutions. I am still very new at this place, its just been my 7th month and there is still loads more to learn. So here we go!!!

This is the building, there have decorated with x'mas lights..
That's my work area!! behind me is the window.. We are on the 24th floor.
View from my desk...
Infinity area with bean bags, games and some brain relaxer..
View from the other end..
Pantry at the end of the end!! Sorta messy right now..
Fully equipped..
Name Sign!!
my schedule!! hehhe
View behind my desk!!


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PPW said...

one day...not very far... ill own a place like tht as my HQ

wt a place to work in