Sunday, January 9, 2011

8th January 2011

Hello Blossoms!!

First update of the year!! yippee, will promise to update daily!!! Its a Saturday and I had gone out with Neet for lunch and shopping!!! Went to Paragon... it was children day so it was packed!!!!! noisy and loud as it could get!!! But had a fab time shopping especially at Armani exchange!! Forget all that, today I wore a white ruffled dress. I really love this dress and I actually had forgotten that this dress still exist in my wardrobe. Love love love it!! :) Here are the pics!!

olaa...thats all for now!!! Take care!!!!


PPW said...

You look like paradise on earth....

seems like this outfit was designed only for you....

seems like no one other than me likes to comment on your blog...

I am your biggest fan babes....

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