Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Trip The Golden Mount, Bangkok

Had a chance to go to the Golden Mount which is really really near from my place but I have never been.. So strange isn't.. But never mind, better late than never. ;) 

Saket Temple which is also known as the Golden Mount is a well-known man-made landmark, the towering gold chedi of  Wat Saket was once the highest point in Bangkok constructed under King Rama III (1824-51) and the temple was once used as a cremation and burial site in the past and Rama V(1853-1910) added the chedi that stands today. Temple of the Golden Mount is notable for its legendary views of Bangkok’s skyline. 

Enough with the temple's background and history. Now are the pics... 

The entrance!! and the start of the climb..

Fab scenery on the way..

Stair way

Bell to improve way of life.

Inside the chedi!!
The pagoda!! The highest point of the temple.

God Bless ya all!! :) Cheers