Friday, January 14, 2011

Face Cleansing

Hello Blossoms!!

Hope you are having a fantastic time. Just wanted to review and share my face cleansing routine. Firstly clean my face with face wipes. There are 3 types that I am currently using depending on condition of my face.
1. Boots - fragrance free cleansing wipes. This formula contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is suitable for skin that is sensitive to allergic to perfume. I use this one when I am barely wearing any makeup. 1 pack contains 30 wipes and it costs around 160 Baht per pack.
2. Boots - cucumber cleansing wipes. This formula contains cucumis sativus extract, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is suitable for all skin type leaving the face feeling soft and smooth. Also 30 in 1 pack which cost around 160 Baht as well. I reach for this when I am wearing mineral products.
3. MAC cosmetics cleansing towelettes. This contains 100 wipes per pack costing 980 Baht. This instantly removes pigmented makeup.

Origins Eye make-up removing pads : Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins. Mega-Mushroom pads with soothing benefits. It contains 60 pads for 550 Baht. All natural ingredient which doesn't irritate the eyes. It removes mascara really really well.

If not wipes, then I reach for oil base products because I have really dry skins, it helps nourish the skin and also removing tits bits of dirt from your face.
1. Mac cosmetics Cleanse off Oil: I use 1 pump per time and massage over face to dissolve make-up. It was for 1400 Baht. For me this average, didn't do anything great for my skin.
2. Oriental Princess, Richly Vitamin E cleansing oil. This is for normal to dry skin. I prefer this one to Mac ones coz you don't have to really rub much and its for 200 something if I am not wrong. Really worth it.
3. Maybelline makeup remover  Eye & Lip comes in a cute little bottles. The remover is blue and white in colour, the blue liquid is oil and white I think water or some formulated liquid to remove makeup. It works well with water proof products. If your mascara or lipstick is very stubborn, you might have to repeat the cleaning process a few times but it cleans every last trace of makeup. It never ever sting your eyes. It’s great for sensitive eyes. This cutie costs 129 Baht. I heart this!! :)
4. Johnson's baby oil Light (Non Greasy): Pure mineral oil which I use for stubborn make up that are usually the pro-long wear ones. This is best of the best.
5. Mac cosmetic, Pro Eye Make up Remover. I use this from time to time. Still testing it. It does the job but I sometime feel irritated with it. Got this for 1400 Baht.

Neutrogena Deep Clean foaming cleanser. I use this to wash my face and have been using it for more than 3 yrs now. It removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells while providing long-lasting oil control to improve the look and feel of skin.

With all the fun of wearing make-up, removing it is the most important key.  It could cause acne and what not. So keep clean and cleanse your face thoroughly. That's all for now.. have a great one :)

Akku :)

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