Monday, January 31, 2011

Outfit of the day for 25th -30 January 2011

Out of the day is here!!! This time, it's for the whole week!! Few clothing disaster and of course bad hair days !!
25th Jan'11, Tuesday, Pink day!! Carring this bag after a million yrs..
super bad hair

26th Jan'11

You won't imagine, I didn't look at the mirror before I left home, I found out I look ridiculous when I reach the office elevator!! Gosh!! I look super fat!!
27th Jan'11, Again super fat!! grrhhh
29th Jan'11
 Saturday, so was just out doing grocery shopping, car wash and fixing my car lights!! really random but productive I must say!!
Side look for the hair!!

Like a passport picture !! lol

30th Jan'11, Mumbai Indians day lol!
 I was just going to the gym and sort this tee, when I tried it on, it was super comfortable, so I didnt' take it out!! lol!! Hope you guys don't fail like last year!!  Oh and guess what, I just watch Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diary) today!! I really like it!! thumbs up!! You guys must watch it!!

That's all for now!! Take care guys and have a fab week ahead!!


PPW said...

Go Mumbai Indians Go !!!!!
Gues wat T doesnt fit me anymore :(
fatty fatty dee has become a haatii
love all ur looks specially the first one...
keep blogging cozz i wait for it.....

PPW said...

I Want to see more of you babes..

Where are you....

Need your blog to be updated.

PPW said...