Monday, February 28, 2011

Foot Nourishment & Care !!!

Like Body, my foot is super dry as well. I found this product from Boots, softening foot butter. I really like the smell, its a light cantaloupe smell and it keep my foot nourished for at least 8 hours, which is good enough. The texture of the product is heavy but when you apply, it doesn't feel heavy on the the skin. I got this for 350 Baht. Great value for money :)

It's gonna be one year that I broke my foot. Since then I have not really been wearing heels. I wanted my foot to be 100 percent fine before I start wearing. I have already stocked some new pair of high heels to where, so to really be save with my foot, I've got few pain re-leaser to help with the comfort. Bought all brands possible to see which one works well. Pricing were in the same range.
Take care and don't neglect your feet. Cheers

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lanopearl moisturizer Australia

I am currently trying  this Lanopearl cream given to me by friend Prem.

The cream claims to be a revolutionary night cream designed to hydrate, revive and restore the skin while you sleep. Contains emu oil, nourishing royal jelly, and skin exfoliating AHAs. Bilberry extract and V. E provide strong antioxidant protection.

Will let you know my feedback soon!!! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moisturizer & Oil for Super Dry Skin

I have recently been combating with the super flaky dry body skin. It's getting worst day by day. It irritates me so much around the waist and tummy. It's slowly moving to the back . I've try so many products. Starting from baby products that don't have fragrance and which is allergy tested. I used Johnson & Johnson oil cream and the no more tear liquid soap, as well. I even use their oil after showering. It doesn't work. I did try going to the dermatologiest but their cream doesn't help, it just makes it more itchy and itchy. So if you guys know any moisturizer, please do recommend me.

In the meanwhile, I have been doing research on the recommended moisturizers. So just few days back, I got these 2 products. First one is the Clinique Deep Comfort body butter. Its allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. It claims to wraps dryness-prone spots and the body all over in soothing, penetrating moisture. It's jar (200 ml) and it cost 1600 Baht. Just started using it hope it works as review..
Second one is the L'Occitane ALmond Oli. Keeping my finger cross for this one. I was skeptical when I was buying. It was for 2600 Baht. After using for 2 days, it hasn't shown any wow results. I guess I have to use it more to see the result. It claims to give sking more supple, firmer and less visible of stretch-marks. Its formula combines almond oil, rich in omega-6, and cameline oil, rich in omega-3.

That's all for now, keep blossoming!! muah

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ricky Martin - The Best Thing About Me Is You

Love the music VDO... So touching and Ricky Martin looks super cute.. muahh 100 hearts for you!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Somewhere in Feb!!

Hey Blossoms!!!

Haven't really got the time to update my blog!! So much going on in my life and its been hectic as ever!! To start off, work is on full mode!! I have finally started writing my own documents. Started off with my first one and its exciting. I'm loving it, but the pressure and the time line is killing!! It's just like when you have put in your thoughts, idea and logic in and start writing the document, when someone just wants you to change it, it get irritating. At the moment, I just going on with the flow!! Any comments, I am just changing!! so let's see how it goes!!
Apart from that, it's the regular visit to the dentist with my dad. Several visit for consulting and finally the treatment will start of in March!!
My friend 'Prem' has finall tied the knot with 'Pran'. Super happy for her!! So looking forward to their wedding!! So it's just Poo, Neet and myself left in out gang!! We 3 rules!! lol
Last but the best is I am single again....Yippee...All smiles!! So its mingle time.. I went to watch this movie today 'No strings attached' by as Ashton Kutcher and Natalie.. I will go with the title direction..

White dress from Jaspal !

 Cheers & keep blossoming!!! muaaaahh

Loving Hershey's Dark Chocolate

This is my current fav chocolate!! It's super yum and its has 10 calories per piece, which I really don't mind coz its yum!!! Try it out guys!! I'm not sure if it's their permanent line or just special edition!! I've stack quite a few to go for 3 months.. lol!! Cheerss

Arti's 27th Birthday!!!

We all gathered for my cousin birthday at her house!! Have a fabulous family time with lots of gossip and our plan for Swati's (my cousin) & Nishant's wedding.. So all the hype and everyone was so pumped up!! Feels absolutely fabulous..

Introducing my cousin and grandma :) From top left is Arti and on her lap is our little Kiki, Grandmom, me, Ishi and Soni. Below left is Ekta and Pooja..

Arti's Birthday Cake!! (low fat cake and it was yum)

Here is the birthday gurl and our little Kiki!! 
Love family time!! Feels complete!!