Friday, February 18, 2011

Somewhere in Feb!!

Hey Blossoms!!!

Haven't really got the time to update my blog!! So much going on in my life and its been hectic as ever!! To start off, work is on full mode!! I have finally started writing my own documents. Started off with my first one and its exciting. I'm loving it, but the pressure and the time line is killing!! It's just like when you have put in your thoughts, idea and logic in and start writing the document, when someone just wants you to change it, it get irritating. At the moment, I just going on with the flow!! Any comments, I am just changing!! so let's see how it goes!!
Apart from that, it's the regular visit to the dentist with my dad. Several visit for consulting and finally the treatment will start of in March!!
My friend 'Prem' has finall tied the knot with 'Pran'. Super happy for her!! So looking forward to their wedding!! So it's just Poo, Neet and myself left in out gang!! We 3 rules!! lol
Last but the best is I am single again....Yippee...All smiles!! So its mingle time.. I went to watch this movie today 'No strings attached' by as Ashton Kutcher and Natalie.. I will go with the title direction..

White dress from Jaspal !

 Cheers & keep blossoming!!! muaaaahh

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