Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cricket World Cup India vs Pakistan 30 March 2011

Big game night... India vs Pakistan!!! Left work early to go watch the match at Londoner... It was packed with Indians. Had fun watching the match and catching up with friends. Both of teams played really well and ofcourse India was far better. Three cheers for India. Hip Hip Hurraayy Huraaay Hurrrayy..
Go India Go

Preeya, Ritu & Naveen

Preeya, Ritu & Poonam

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starbucks New Branding

Boo-Boo-Boo....Is this Starbucks new branding? I know Starbucks just completed 40th birthday, but the new sign seems like the fake Starbucks sign I've seen in Cambodia poi-pet. I don't like the sign but will always love whats inside. I heart Starbucks coffee. All time favorite is Caramel Frappaccino Blended coffee light and second to that is the Hot Signature Chocolate... Yummm!!! 

My Dentist @ Thonburi Hospital

Hello!!! Been visiting the dentist many times in these 2 months so I thought, just to share some of the pics I took while I was waiting. If you don't have appointment, I really recommend you not to go cause you will waste loads of time there. Oh by the way, my dad is also doing his dental from here. He recently just got 6 root canal implanted. So will have to wait for 3 months until he can implant the teeth. So just waiting...

Have a fabulous day!!! mwaahh love ya all!!!

New Hair Color 26th March 2011

Hello Blossom!!!

It's been a year since I got my hair color done. After many people commenting on my awful hair, I decided to get a make over for my hair. By make over I don't mean like a drastic change, just normal change. I got it done at my old salon that I used to go near my previous office. They took 3500 for coloring, lowlite and treatment. The outcome is not bad. I just look different now. I've actually gone for a darker color so it makes my hair looks more healthy. Oh yeah the product they used on my hair was l'oreal. It didn't itch my head while doing at all and it was done in like 15 minutes. Here are some photograph I took from my BB.
My color is the 2nd row from top and 4th color from left. 

While doing Lowlite ...

Hair Treatment by L'oreal 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World

This song has such a strong emotion. Life is really wonderful. Keep Smiling.

Pressure Cooker blasted

Here is sad blog post, last week while my parents were working in the mandir, the pressure cooker blasted, see what a small pressure cooker can do... here are some photographs ...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Johnson's Baby Soothing Natural Moisture Rich Wash

Still experimenting with body wash and body lotion, trying the most organic ones. So here is an  update of the my new body wash. It's from J&J, so far so good. There is no foam so that's a plus point and there is no scent. So its purely for sensitive skin like me.

Look of the day !! 21st & 23rd March 2011

Hello Blossoms, I'm currently love the nude and beige tone. I've wore the the same color tone twice this week.
21st March 2011

23rd March 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shiv & Krish's Birthday Party 20th March 2011

Hello blossoms!!!

On Sunday, I went to my friend Nina's son's birthday. They are twins boy...super adorable. The party started at 16:00hrs until 2:00 am and the theme was football. I didn't prepare any soccer shirt so just went in a dress. There were was so many activity for the kids to do. Like the slider, boating, tattoo, magic show, mascot, games, etc... It was so lively and filled with kids. Had fun seeing the are some photograph of the party...
Nirav (Nisa's Son) and I

Neet & Nirav

So sweet!!

Nisa, mother of 2 :P

Nirav crying....Babyyy..

Nina (Shiv & Krish's mom)

Bubbly Anchal

The Award!!

Kids activity

Preeya and baby Ruhani (Preeya's daughter)

Nisa and Nechal (Nisa's Elder Daughter)

Preeya & Ruhani

Preeya, I, Rachana's Son & Rachana

muah muahh

Poser Preeya, I , Nina & Neet



Birthday Cake for the Man U Fan...

Have a good day guys!! and take care

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hindu Temple in Thailand ( Happy Holi )

Woohoo, Happy Holi to everyone, hope you guys had a safe holi. I'm sure everyone is watching Indian vs West Indies cricket match right now. India is in their worst form right now. Just hope they win this one.
So I went to the temple on holi. Here is some sneak peek of it.

This is where my dad studied...
The temple name..

The entrance...
As soon as you enter, on the right side, there is a small worship and praying area.

Before they burn the thing...

Happy Holi and wish you all the luck in the world..

Chiropractic Treatment (photographs up)

Hey so today I took my aunt to see the chiropractic doctor, so while she was getting her treatment done, I took some photograph, but yeah not when the doctor is there...

Machine and ice packs all over....

The view @ 39 floor at 11:00hrs

Rajnee and I doing our timepass while waiting...

cheeezzeee ....

This is the adjustable bed for the treatment.

Nerve stimulator machine..

Posing during her treatment.
Thats all for now.. Take care and have a fabulous day!!!