Monday, March 7, 2011

Backache is a Bitch!!

After going through back pain for one week, I give up. I finally consulted the doctor today. But the hospital that I went to just gave me pain killer. It didn't really do much to me. The doctor asked me to try out chiropractic treatment. That hospital didn't have that kinda treatment so I found out this Dspine clinic that is specialized for Back. 

Chiropractic is a modern health practice with historical roots. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese art works illustrate spinal manipulations. For the past 100 years, people of all ages have benefited greatly from Chiropractic's drug less, non-surgical approach to better health. Often new patients initially visit a Chiropractor to relieve pain and soon realize that Chiropractic does more. By removing nerves interference from the spinal column, and sometimes from other joints as well, Chiropractors help patients achieve and maintain good health and improve physical performance. Chiropractic in fact has a fundamental focus on preventive care and well being. (information compiled from brochures of chiropractic educational institutions.

So in short, it is an alternative way to treat back pain by hand technique. So I have enrolled for 5 session and I will probably start tomorrow. Finger cross, hopefully it will work!!!! Can't bare the pain anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Deepesh Agarwal said...

hey akku happy to read about the noble coz u have taken up.