Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Hair Color 26th March 2011

Hello Blossom!!!

It's been a year since I got my hair color done. After many people commenting on my awful hair, I decided to get a make over for my hair. By make over I don't mean like a drastic change, just normal change. I got it done at my old salon that I used to go near my previous office. They took 3500 for coloring, lowlite and treatment. The outcome is not bad. I just look different now. I've actually gone for a darker color so it makes my hair looks more healthy. Oh yeah the product they used on my hair was l'oreal. It didn't itch my head while doing at all and it was done in like 15 minutes. Here are some photograph I took from my BB.
My color is the 2nd row from top and 4th color from left. 

While doing Lowlite ...

Hair Treatment by L'oreal 

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