Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baking Chocolate Cake - Surprising Outcome

Okay so we tried to bake a chocolate cake. Our suppose to be chocolate cake... See what happens after its done.

Whatever it was, it was a fun experience on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Outfit of the day for 17th July 2011

Bright Bright Bright Sunday!!!! Love the color combination pink and orange. Whenever I wear bright colors, it just makes me feel fresh the whole day. hehehe I think its just psychological thing.. Anyhow, this dress I got from Siam and I just love the fact that the length is three fourth, although this kind of length emphasis on my thighs but still love it.
So I didn't do much, it was a lazy Sunday, I went to help Soni & Vna bake (I will be putting up a video of the baking part soon). Then from there went for exercise and then went out for dinner with Vna and Rani. Had such a great time these girls, time flew and didn't even realize it. Got home by 12:50ish..

Outfit of the day for 14th July 2011

Yeah, this one is a droopy one, no make up, a quick rush to work (but still found time to click a picture before leaving) :P Love this beige color trouser. It was so comfortable, I just didn't like that I wore this look with flats. I tmade me so sloppy the whole day. Oh ya, carry a really old guess bag of mine, I think it was 4 or 5 yrs old.. digging in old stuff.. I think I should also put up some of my bags collection...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hair Cut Time

On the very same I met with an accident, in the evening we went out for dinner to the 'Circle'. It's basically a new hang out near our area. Then Richa, Sonica and myself we continue for hair cut as well. This salon is called Virgin. She is really good. Trust me. After I get a haircut from her and if I go to some other salon to get a hair wash, they will always ask me where I got my hair cut from. The hair is nicely layered. I just love it.
From the your left: Bhua Veena, Grandmom & I

@ Circle

Hair cut @ Virgin

Bang Bang Bang

Okay so it was 3rd July when I met with this accident. It's been after a real long time that I actually bang the car. With my divided attention and carelessness, it cost me damages. It was a slight hit, nothing really serious, nothing much happened to my car, just a pinch of color off but the victim car was back part cracked. However, to not waste time, I didn't call the insurance cause the taxi guy was willing to to take 1000 Baht and leave. All ended well and quick. Here are some pic.

This was just few second before the Bang

 Thats all for now.. Have a splendid day and a wonderful long weekend.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ipad 2

Update!!!  Actually a very delayed update. I got my ipad2 in May.... Was really excited to get it but after using it for a while,  couldn't find any real use for it. Good for traveling Yes, but otherwise... hmmm thumb down. So many application are still on iphone mode, which means it will have a small frame when you open in the ipad. The only best thing for me is the face time. I have iPhone but don't have the iphone4 where there is face time. this ipad just help substitute that only. Otherwise, don't recommend to buy it. Here are some pics of my ipad2 32GB. I have also customized and had my name imprint at the back.

Take care & have a good day!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blast from the Past

So much stress... OMG just can't handle it anymore. Work doesn't seem to get any better, love life was never good and plus my dad was ill too.. Gosh so many things, just can't handle it all by myself. It too shall pass right? Disgusted with my job, so wish of going back to do what i do best, travel and work at the same time. Life was beautiful...

Enough of grinding now... Its been a while I update some pic.. so its a mix of the past months...

Take care...thats all for now...

Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey guys, I know it's been a while that I have updated my blog. Been out of focus lately.. Need to get back in track and start fresh, whatever happened had to happen.. So let go and start it in a better way... Today is a lame update, I got a new set of bedspread.. This time is grey color, different from my usual color u go...