Monday, July 18, 2011

Outfit of the day for 17th July 2011

Bright Bright Bright Sunday!!!! Love the color combination pink and orange. Whenever I wear bright colors, it just makes me feel fresh the whole day. hehehe I think its just psychological thing.. Anyhow, this dress I got from Siam and I just love the fact that the length is three fourth, although this kind of length emphasis on my thighs but still love it.
So I didn't do much, it was a lazy Sunday, I went to help Soni & Vna bake (I will be putting up a video of the baking part soon). Then from there went for exercise and then went out for dinner with Vna and Rani. Had such a great time these girls, time flew and didn't even realize it. Got home by 12:50ish..

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