Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ice Skating @ Siam Discovery

Happy September !!!

August was a fabulous month for me. Spent quality times with my god's gift cousin and friends.... With all the ups and down, it has made me grow and understand things in a more realistic manner may it be family, work, relationship, friends..... This gotta be a good life!! I will never regret any that happened to me and I thank god for everything he's shown me.... Moving forward, its September....

Getting back to my actual post, on 27th August'11, I went for Ice Skating with Dhruv (cousin bro), Sonica (cousin sis) and Paveena (friend) at Siam Discovery. Its called Ice Planet location on the 7th floor. We got the pass for 1 hour which cost 350 including everything.... Oh yeah when we were there, they even played that song do you wanna be my chamak challo... haahah it was good fun... The vdo will show how the place looks like... I'll post the pics a bit later...


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