Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some of the Products that I'm loving !!!

I haven't ramble about any product for a long time. This time I felt a  need to shout out of some of the products I'm loving and I swear by it that its good. Let's get it started.

Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer in the color Pale Yellow and it has a Sheer finish pressed powder in the same container.  The single pot is the Bobbi Brown Corrector in the color Dark Peach
I have really really dark under eye circles and nothing helps! However, this is the best product that I have tried which doesn't cake. It does however, settle into fine lines, even with an eye cream and primer and I find that I am always wiping under my eyes to even it out throughout the day. The color selection is good and does eliminate the dark circles though.
Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer & Corrector
 Alpen Cereal Bars - it clams to have 63 kcal per 21g but just hear the ingredient out first. It has cereals (40%),  Whole Oats, Rice, Whole Whear (30%) Fudge Pieces (11%) and sugar, sweetened condense skimmed milk, glucose syrub, vegetable oil, butter fat, plain chocolate (8%)..... The question is can it be trusted because it taste yummmmm, could replace this with a chocolate.
Alpen Cereal Bar
Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment - Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment combats this phenomenon by exfoliating the outer dermal layer of skin while adding elasticity to the newly exposed hair. Little by little it liberates the trapped hair from under the skin allowing it to be safely released. Easy to apply with spray nozzle, safe to use on sensitive areas (bikini line, eyebrows, face etc). I am still trying the product and see some small change already but can't conclude as yet. But so far after 1 month use, I'll give it a 50-50.
Kalo in growth hair treatment
Jergens Soothing Aloe Relied : I've tried about four or five jergens moisturizers (this is the best brand ever for dry skin) and i really fell in love with this soothing aloe relief moisturizer. This has a light scent, which goes away fairly quickly. what's more important is that it sinks in almost immediately and leaves skin wonderfully soft and silky smooth even 12 hours later from the time I put it on. I find myself reaching for the aloe lotion everyday even though I have a few other jergens lotions around.

Jergens Soothing Aloe relief

Clinique derma white City block SPF 40 - I thought this product was goood! the tint is perfect, and that it gave me a nice glowy look( after a like some 15mins of application). SPF wise, I'm prettty pleased. and it did brighten up my face alot, and I wear it just like without anything else. Buying it again!

Chaow... that's all for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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