Saturday, October 8, 2011

Amadeus Event - Navigate 2011 17-18.09.11

Akku @ work...heheh just some part of it... So from my team it was Josephine and I participated at Amadeus Navigate conference. This conference was about showcasing Amadeus different products and future of technology path.. So I was showcasing ATOM - Amadeus Travel Office Manager. Its a mid & Back office solution from the travel industry, it integrates information from Amadeus Selling platform (front end solution)

So this was held for 2 days, each day having 2 showcase. People participated from all over the world. Day1  we had to wear black Amadeus T-shirt and Friday was White Amadeus tees. It took place at Royal Orchid Sheraton. It took place on 17 & 18th September....

ATOM Booth

Geeky me..

Conference Time

Testing before showcasing