Thursday, October 13, 2011

Toys - Happy Meal Collection

Toys Toys!! How we adore it when we are young, actually still adore it in a way. Several year back I was obsess with these Mcdonals and KFC toys, I would specially eat because I wanted the toys. The other day I was cleaning up my drawer and found them, so thought of passing them off to my nieces Ishi and Kiki. I took them out to pack them.. here are some of the pics.


avneez gopesh said...

all i would like to add here is that lately i read about the left and right side of our brains though it was a forwarded message but i quite liked the way it described our personality and i would like to share it with you
since our brain is devided in two parts left is all grey which says i am technology, i am doctor, i am an engineer, i am scientist unltimately i believe living in a room is the best we can have.
where as the right says i am colourful, i love earth,water,fire,air, i love when i see a flock of sheeps cross the road blocking the whole way, i love it when bunch of birds flying together in the sky make different figures, i love sun rising and setting, i am crazy and i am art. i love to take and give away my heart. i design, i express,i laugh, i cry,i enjoy watching people getting together in groups doing crazy things.
ultimately i love to live.
p.s this is how i explain vichittra sirikumar

avneez gopesh said...

how coooooool