Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love Flowers

The series of flowers I got from my special someone :) he never gave up on me!! Thank you !!
16 Nov'11

17 Nov'11

18 Nov'11

21 Nov'11

22 Nov'11

24 Nov'11

25 Nov'11

28 Nov'11

29 Nov'11

30 Nov'11

6 Nov'11

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Flashback

2011 – My Year in review
Jan: Spacing and goal setting…
Feb:  Prem & Pran tied the knot. Sad Valentines!!!
March: The blast of pressure cooker. The beginning of chiropractic session for my back and dad’s dental.
April: Trip to Delhi, Bombay and Goa!! Crazy month filled with laughter and tears. Struggling month for love.
May: To leave behind love, took a trip to Koh Chang. Got Ipad2
June: Binny’s wedding, 2 trips to Pattaya and got a canon T3 EOS1100D for birthday gift.
July: Crying first fortnight and then grew in naughtiness.
August: Rain Rain Rain and trying to get back on track.
September: trip to Samet, hard core gym session and it was all about pampering myself finding my own happiness. Went on friend’s request date.
October: Organizing rooms, tough month for work and preparation for India. Flood Flood Flood
November: Fun filled month with Swati & Nishant wedding in Delhi Met my ex after breaking up for seven months. Flood recovery. Received 12 bouquets... :)
December: Crazy random I love you and kisses...Unbelievable trip and commitments and future planning

2011, wow it’s been been a crazy year. What did I learn? Wow, there’s a lot.  Here are 7 truths that I learned in 2011 that I will be taking with me to 2012.
  1. Always take a chance.  An unexpected beach trip introduced me to a whole ton of new people this year.
  2. Always remember your friends and family.  This year has had it’s ups and downs, but my family’s always had my back through it all.  Thank you, guys. 
  3. Accept failure.  Failure will come. I’ve failed this year, plenty of times…but I know if I’m not failing, I am not trying. 
  4. Be a sponge.  Knowledge will take you a lot of places, always look for more opportunities to take you to the next place. 
  5. Wine is your best friend.  Trust me a good glass of wine can solve anything.   
  6. Stepping outside of your norm. is good.  Sometimes you just have to be spontaneous to see the other things in life. 
  7. You have to want it bad.  We live in a crazy world and if you really want something you have to grab it.  You have to make the sacrifices that most normal people wouldn’t make.  You have to want it bad.