Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Foundation Collection


Now I'm actually really happy that it isn't as much as i thought it was. You may think otherwise but I have had a huge clear out and thrown out around 5-10 different ones... whoopsie.

So here is what is left..
  •  MAC Pro Longwear I usually go for when I know I am going out after work as it does what it says on the bottle - longwear! It is a perfect foundation that doesn't need any touching up during the day at all.
  • MAC Studio Fix Fluid, again a brilliant foundation, so creamy and smooth on the skin. I did find however if my skin was dry this foundation would not blend well and it would collect around my nose etc without a proper base on.
  • Revlon color Stay - This used to be my everyday foundation until my skin stopped agreeing with it =( it gave great coverage and looked great on the skin however I would notice my skin was dry after putting it on or it just wouldn't stay on... my skin got very oily with this and it had to go... such a shame as it did look great in photos!! 
  • L.A. Girls perfecting liquid makeup foundation -  I was pleasantly surprised by this foundation. It was just like any typical foundation as far as consistency with the exception of the fact that it was a little bit thicker and because of this thickness it doesn’t exactly layer well. 
  •  So i came across the essence long lasting foundation and saw it was only 215 Baht.. i thought i would try it out seeing as it was like 215 Baht less than the one i normally used to buy, so i could get TWO for the price of one. it gives you full coverage , the only problem it has is that u have to make sure you blend it in properly because if you don't it will just look like you have a mask on your face.. but i guess any foundation can do that as well if you don't apply it the right way.
  • Good Afternoon BB SPF20 PA++ in Honey Black Tea - I like this product because it honestly has made a difference in my skins appearance. I bought this because I wanted to give my skin a break from my every day foundation routine and I can already see my skin color evening out, some of the redness is gone and I've only used this about 3 times.
  •  Maybelline Clear Smooth BB cream in Natural - It claims to be an 8-in-1 skin transformer. As you can see in the picture above, it's supposed to brighten, even, smoothen, refine, clear, conceal, moisturize and protect your skin. In my opinion it does perform all of what it claims. I don't know about the concealing, though, coz I don't really have much blemishes now.
  • Maybelline B.B Clear Smooth shine free Clear Stick SPF 21 PA+++ - Hate this product, it dries my skin out to the maximum. Don't recommend at all. 

What is your all time fav foundation?? You know me.. always looking for more.. Haha

Much Love

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