Monday, July 16, 2012

Hong kong light and sound show

Restaurant Review - Treebox

TREE BOX restaurant is basically fun chic dinning in a container concept. I mean containers that is used for exporting and importing of goods. They re-used thoes containers and made it a very cute environment. They also have live band in the evening but not the hard core one, just the chill style music. There is also bean bag in the outdoor area..  
The restaurant is located of The circle ratchaphruk. The menu is is quite limited and no dishes were catered to vegetarians. I won't lie, it was yummy and not that pricey too. I would this chill out place a 8 on 10. It is open for lunch and dinner. Here are some of the pics.

Ceaser Salad was yummy.. The dressing was superb..

Lemonade was to die for.

The best tom yum I've ever had. So rich with ingredient.

Tuna Spaggetii was really average for me. Nothing great about this menu. 

A regular chicken wing, but very stylish presentation.

Outdoor area

This is one container..

Container with roof top sitting area as well.