Sunday, June 30, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Today went for a family friend's engagement party at Intercontinental Bangkok. Had to wear indian dress. I choose to wear an orange color suit. I look super fat but didn't care. The party was good. I like the fact that it was on a sunday, no traffic and the party was not too crowded. Only 400 guest which was good. Food was average and the hall and decor was nice. Simple and elegant.

Here are some of the photographs.

Zara Tan Heels

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Iphone Plug-gy

So I've been obsessed with the iPhone plug that I bought from Hong Kong. I'm sure if I am calling it correctly. It's a thing to cover the hole on the iPhone to protect it. It's a Starbucks product.

25 Facts About Me !!

I love reading these tags. It's just nice to gain a deeper insight into a writer that you like and follow.

  1. I have always been a worrier. When I was a child I used to worry about exam and schoolwork. As an adult I I worry about work/career development/when to buy stock or money rotation or even investment. 
  2. My first job was in Oriental Travel as a Travel Coordinator. I worked 9 hours 6 days a week. I wasn’t paid all that good but more than that I got so much experience as my boss was quite tuff on me. The little money I got at that time was like gem. I wouldn’t spend it on anything.
  3. I always like the idea of going to fancy restaurants, try new menu and its just like a been there done that kinda thing.
  4. I live with my parents at the age of 30 and still not ready to move out. (Indian culture)
  5. I am addicted to ice milk tea and can drink up to 3 to 4 glass a day.
  6. I cry very easily at sentimental Hollywood/Bollywood movie or even any daddy related stories. I remember crying every 5 minutes when I watched The Blind Side/ After Shock 
  7. I visit the website at least once a day.
  8. I dislike jokes.
  9. I would love to spend a month at an ashram, practising yoga and just resting from everyday life. 
  10. I think I would prefer to live in another country rather than Bangkok - living in a country like Singapore appeals a lot. Just to experience the lifestyle/food/people/etc
  11. I have quite a few grey hairs - but mainly of the left side of my head. 
  12. When I am walking with a friend, I have to walk on the left side. It doesn't feel "right' any other way. I have since found two friends who also have the same quirk so I don't feel like such a weirdo. 
  13. I prefer to dress down than dress up and have quite a good collection of leggings :) 
  14. I am very happy with my own company.
  15. I graduated with an MBA in Travel management but now work in a completely different field. I always advise people to not worry so much about high school/secondary school exams. Do well of course but don't get hung up on specialising in something at a young age because anything is possible. 
  16. I can fake loud burp. 
  17. I used to be shy at talking in front of people but now I give presentations all the time and don't even think about it. 
  18. My Starbucks order is a grande caramel frappuccino light blended coffee. 
  19. I love watching Suits. 
  20. My birthday is on April the 25th, I get really excited for it.
  21. I'm never late for anything, maybe this comes from me being anxious, but I always leave in plenty of time so I never have to rush
  22. I love travelling and photography. They go hand in hand. Perfect match.
  23. My weight bothers me terribly and is the source of much worry within the recesses of my brain but I often feel very powerless to do much about it.  That’s an ongoing war, let me tell you.
  24. I am an indecisive person. I cannot make up my mind quickly when i am stuck between two things. If you offer me a chocolate and a bowl of ice cream, i might think over it for hours and at the end someone else eat the chocolate and ice cream melts already; that is why i miss many opportunities in life
  25. I love white lilies. It is so honest. 

That's my 25 - I quite enjoyed that!

Review - Coco Ichibanya Restaurant in Thailand

CoCo Ichibanya is a very popular Japanese curry house in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s been around for a few years with new branches opening up all the time, yesterday was the first time I ate there. Let me just say, if you’re a fan of Japanese curry, run don’t walk to CoCo Ichibanya as, after months of seeing how crowded it gets, now I know why. They serve the best, and cheapest, Japanese curry I’ve eaten. 

You can also choose extra toppings like boiled eggs, ham, garlic corn and tomatoes for a small extra charge, although our curries were fine without them.

Price-wise, you can’t beat CoCo Ichibanya either. Our total bill was only 460 baht and, for that, we both ate a huge plate of curry, a very nice side salad and a Thai iced tea.

For more information about CoCo Ichibanya in Bangkok, Coco Ichibanya Website in various languages including English. We ate at the CoCo Ichibanya at Terminal 21 mall in Bangkok, but with a number of locations all over town there’s surely one near you.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review - Cancer Council Australia Active Sunscreen Moisturizing Lotion SPF 50 PA+++

Earlier few days back, I did brag about sunscreen for my face. Now this is yet another awesome find for me which is cancer council sunscreen for the body. This can also be used on the face, but I categorized it for the body only. 

Amount: 75mL
Made in: Australia
Price: THB 399
Product Info: Cancel Council SPF 50 PA+++ 75ml "Active" sunscreen tube A light feel, dry touch moisturizing lotion sunscreen cream that rubs on easily. Suitable for an active, outdoor, sporting lifestyle.
Product Instruction:Apply sunscreen liberally and evenly to dry skin at least 15-20 minutes before going out into the sun. On an average sized adult, approximately 35 ml  should be applied. This is including the back, body, arms, legs and everywhere else. 

Review: I'm always on the hunt for a good sunscreen for my body.

There is a story about this sunscreen. Australia has recently allowed sunscreens to be labelled 50+ instead of 30+ and this means that many companies are now reformulating their products, including the Cancer Council. For more information on this, please read this website: SPF50 Sunscreen in Australia

It is fragrance free and developed for sensitive skin. I've been using it for three weeks now and my skin is fine with it. It really does have no fragrance, it doesn't even smell like sunscreen. It is very slightly drying on the skin, but many zinc oxide sunscreens are. I already have my second back up. Will surely continue to use this for a long while.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jigra Fakira - Song - Aurangzeb

I like this song very much and thought I should share it with you. Mind you, there is no emotional attachment or all that jazz with this song. :) I have also posted the lyrics and the translation of this song in English. 

Movie: Aurangzeb
Music: Vipin Mishra
Lyrics: Manoj Kumar Nath
Singer: Keerthi Sagathia

Note: Translation by:

Jigara Fakeera Ho
Jigara Fakeera Ho
Saareyaan De Dil Di Samajhdaa

The Saintly Heart
Understands what is going on in everyone else's heart

Ankkhan De Hanju Nai Disde Zamaane Nu
Khushiyaan De Bhaagi Saare Ghum Vichon Visre Kyun
Sukkhi Suraahee Vargi Si Saadi Zindagi
Amrit Di Boondan Vargi Hai Rab Di Aashiqui 

The world doesn't see the tears in one's eyes
All are there to share the happiness, 
why do they forget in the times of distress
My Life was like a dry vessel 
But the love for God is like the drops of elixir of life

Jigra Fakeera Ho
Jigra Fakeera Ho
Sareyan De Dil Di Samajhda

Jigra Manjeera Ho
Jigra Manjeera Ho
Saareyaan De Dil Di Samajhda

The Crying Heart
Understands what is going on in everyone else's heart

[Manjeera actually is a loud musical instrument]

Jag Saaraa Vekheya Milyaa, Dil Nu Nahi Sukoon
Rishtaan De Dhaage Kachhe, Rab Ne Banaaye Kyoon
Saare Jahaan To Saachi, Rab Di Hai Bandagi
Kho Ja To Paa Jayega Saadi Vargi Har Khushi 

Though I've seen n met the whole world, my heart is not at peace
Why did God create such weak bonds of relationships
The only truth in this world is the God Worship
Immerse yourself in this and you will find all the happiness 

Jigraa Fakeera Ho
Jigraa Faqeera Ho
Sareyaan De Dil Di Samajhda

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Review - L'oreal UV Perfect SPF 50 PA+++

Today I will be reviewing the L'oreal UV Perfect SPF 50 PA+++. The L'oreal UV Perfect is tailor made for Asian skin, with patented Mexoryl SX and XL that provide optimal UVB and reinforced UVA protection.    

Made inIndonesia
Price: THB 350
Product InfoEnriched with powerful anti-oxidant complex for an inside/outside protection against brown spots, skin darkening and premature aging.
Product InstructionApply at the end of your skincare routine this can also be used as a make up base.

This comes in three variants to help with redness, anti-dullness and transparent, I chose the transparent one because the site I brought this from were sold out in the anti-dullness one. I'll start with the packing and get it out of the way, it comes in a handy sleek plastic tube. Simple plus practical and very travel friendly.  
It's feels very velvety smooth and absorbs quickly into the skin. It does not feel a white cast with is always a good thing. This is quite a pricey sunscreen but I do think that it is worth the price. I would any day re-purchase it. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Charles & Keith Bag from Singapore

Got these Charles & Keith Bag from Singapore. It's 40% cheaper and plus you get a 5.5% GST back if you shop more than 100 SGD. So you can say it's a lot cheaper. I got these 2 bag would be buying one charles & keith bag in Bangkok.

The color choosen were white and black. It's after so long I own a white bag. It's a must have for this season. I see white color bag in all store like Zara, H&M, forever new, bershkha and many more.  It's perfect for work and also so sundays. There is no white color for this bag type in Bangkok. They different color pattern for this type of bag.

As for the black one was the two side bag, one being slight glossy leather and the other side is velvet. So this give a different look for either side. I don't love this that much after using as the bag itself is too heavy and after putting in more things, it becomes impossible to hold the bag for longer than an hour.

For more details on the bags and price:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beautiful Chanel Indian Sari Inspired Dress!

Blake Lively aka Serena van der woodsen from gossip girl looks amazing in Chanel dress inspired by an Indian traditional dress Sari. She looks awesome except for that too revealing foot.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Draw my life - iamvichittra

So I finally got around to make this video. It took me more than a month to actually finish this vdo. I was new to imovie, so took some time to learn and adjust myself accordingly. As for the camera setting, was also another hurdle. The worst was movie format. I think I film the same thing thrice. Got wrong format the first and the second time. It was so annoying. But I am glad it came out ok not that good but I enjoyed every bit of it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Forever 21 Haul

I went for Fast & Fuirous 6 last night and squeese in time to do a some shopping from forever twenty one.
I needed a traveling brush set, and luckily found this cute set. To be honest, its not that great but it's functional. It was for 150 Thai Baht only.

Another thing I got was the forever 21 nail polish in the color Almond. This is a re-purchase. This is a perfect nude color for my skin tone. If I am not sure what color to put on, I just just blindly pick this color. Hope they do not dis continue this product. This one also cost 150 Thai Baht.

Last item is the Posies.This is a must have item for all you girls. Sometime every beautiful bra does peep ur area. Therefore this could be of good closure. You can use this with bra or without. It's totally fine. I don't remember how much this was for but its for one time use only as the glue doesnt work the second time.

For more informaiton:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Louis Vuitton Shoes

So this is a hidden gem in my closet. I love to look at it everyday but never want to wear it. Got this over 2 years now. This is the first indian collection that louis Vuitton launch. I'm so inlove with the color of the shoes and its comfort.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Starbucks - Obsessed !!!

I have been really obsessed with Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frappuccino - Blended beverage from Starbucks. I just love it. It's so moist and the blend is so perfect everytime I drink it. This has been replacing by all time favorite which is the Caramel Frappuccino. Even though I working out or try to work out often, this is not a thing I could compromise as yet. See the calories count in the picture before.

More Information:

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Just a quick update on the new products I own. One of them being a re-purchase item. I am loving all these product except the foundation. Thats the only thing I would not repurchanse. So lets get into it.

The Body Shop - Exfoliating Gloves

Love the gloves! These are a great product for the shower. I use them all over, except for my face. They work great for exfoliation. I use this with my regular daily soap. It does get rid of the dead skin cells a lot better than a body buff and it is very easy to use. Obviously, you need to go easy in the sensitive areas of your body such as around your boobs and inner thigh areas. You'll hurt yourself (rug burn-style) if you're not careful and scrub too vigorously! My only downfall  is that it doesn't lather up that well although the body shop site says it will increase your lather. I got this on sales for 120 Thai Baht. (if I am not wrong)

 For more information:

Body Shop - Shea Body Scrub
I am a loyal purchaser of the body shop Shea Body Scrub. This is my second tub. I swatched this in store and it is thick, almost like wet sand, I thought it would be a bit harsh but the BS consultant advised me to mix a tiny bit with my body wash and this would create a more creamy wash.I would recommend maybe buying the Shea wash or one that is more nutty so that the smells go together. Because it is so thick, it is easy to use exfoliating gloves. You can dip your finger into the product and get the amount you want. The benefits of using less product with a body wash means that it lasts for ages! The Shea Body Scrub exfoliates really well, my skin felt pringly after use and felt like it helped with my circulation. It keeps my skin moisturised even before applying my moisturiser after my shower. The price is 690 Thai Baht ( I had a 10% discount on top)
For more information:

Himalaya Herbals - Purifying - Neem Face Wash

This worked fine to me. I've just started using it for a week. I use it every night when I wash my face. It doesn't seem to dry my skin out thats the best thing about this product. My skin is already dry and sensitive. My face feels clean, but I yet to experience pimple prevention. For the smell, it has this un describale smell which I don't like but I can torrolate it.  This my sister sent it from India, I believe its for 150 Indian Rupees.

Mac Cosmetic - Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

This product is not for oily skin. I find that the studio fix fluid, studio tech, studio fix powder can outperform this durability. , weight on the skin, skin benefits, finish, luster and overall perfomance as a foundation. I just feel that after just 1 hour of application, it is floating on top of the face. It was greasy even though i have dry skin. I might need to find a better way to set it. Still yet to explore.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Iliadin Nasal Metered Spray 0.05% (10ml)


I have been unwell for the longest time in terms of breathing. I used to feel so uncomfortable to breathe and specially at night. So I head off to the doctor and she prescribe me this. You have no idea, this is good stuff. I feel so happy to be breathing normally again. I intake thrice a day after my meal. Doctors advice me to use it for consecutively for 5 days only.

The description of this medicine from the box:
Metered Spray, Spray and Nose Drops For the relief of nasal congestion due to: Sinusitis Allergic rhinitis Hayfever The common cold iliadin® can be used all year round (but not for more than 5 days at a time) by children from 6 years of age and adults. It effectively clears a blocked and stuffy nose with minimal systemic side-effects. iliadin® is available as a metered spray, nasal spray and drops. Administration of iliadin® iliadin® 0.05% Drops & Nasal Spray for children & adults 2 - 3 drops/metered sprays in each nostril 2 - 3 times daily Do not use for more than 5 days at a time iliadin® 0.05% 20ml Plastic Spray for children & adults 1 spray in each nostril 2 - 3 times daily Do not use for more than 5 days at a time

Friday, June 7, 2013

Mid Year Update 2013

Hello Blossoms....

It's been a long while since I've update my blog. I know I say this everytime. I was bored of uploading pictures so thought I would just update things about myself.

All have been well, just sad that few of my close collegues are leaving.. It's gonna be glommy without them. But life goes on, with more work. I did apply for a scholorship for the compnay that I work for. But I came in 3rd, they only pay for 2 people per year. So I guess I will try again next year. Now what's left and is a suspense is the promotion. Finger cross, just hope this works out.

Gaining weight day by day. I now weigh 53.8 kgs. No joke I was shock when I came to know. I need to be at least 50, that is my satisfaction weight. Trying to eat healty like intaking more of salads and nutritious stuff milk, fruits, etc. I will do a diet update soon if this works out. Work out routine remains the same, thrice a week. The only difference is now I am doing weight trainning. It doesn't really help much the weight but with the muscle strenght. Also a few weeks back I had gastric. It was my first time and it was so uncomfortable. I chest was squeeze like crazy, then I did go and get checked up, it all went on well. Just need to eat less of beans. But now I am feeling good.

I need this topic cause it has become important in my life. Not in terms of being rich but in terms of maximization. At the begining of the year I did invest in a bank's stock, in which I did get return of my tax which was a good amount and worth the investment. Then I did get and increase of 8% in my monthly income. From July onwards for 24 months, I have invested in stock with the compnay I work for. (sorry I cannot mention the name of my company.) By the end of the year I am planning to buy life insurance, so lets see how it works out. That should be all of my investment for this year. I am trying to also increase my personal saving by 5%. This might seem less in terms of percentage but its hell hard trust me.

I am so blessed and thankfull to god that I am filled with love. Relationship has its up an down ofcourse. I am in a relationship with someone who is really matured and makes me so comfortable and drive me to a whole next level of my life. He is so down to earth, relax and so raw. I love his rawness, its so pure and hard to describe. Its not love that makes this relationship, its just the connection, the understanding and the adultness of him.

I've really travelled alot this year, started off with Indnesia - Jakarta, then moved to Dubai - UAE and then to singapore. Its been alot, just one trip for holiday though. I just love to travel. But will have to slow down for now.

This is passed by so quick. I've tunred 30, I still cant believe it. Looking for more surprises and excitment that life has to offer. I just need to dare to do it thats all.