Thursday, June 20, 2013

Charles & Keith Bag from Singapore

Got these Charles & Keith Bag from Singapore. It's 40% cheaper and plus you get a 5.5% GST back if you shop more than 100 SGD. So you can say it's a lot cheaper. I got these 2 bag would be buying one charles & keith bag in Bangkok.

The color choosen were white and black. It's after so long I own a white bag. It's a must have for this season. I see white color bag in all store like Zara, H&M, forever new, bershkha and many more.  It's perfect for work and also so sundays. There is no white color for this bag type in Bangkok. They different color pattern for this type of bag.

As for the black one was the two side bag, one being slight glossy leather and the other side is velvet. So this give a different look for either side. I don't love this that much after using as the bag itself is too heavy and after putting in more things, it becomes impossible to hold the bag for longer than an hour.

For more details on the bags and price: