Friday, June 7, 2013

Mid Year Update 2013

Hello Blossoms....

It's been a long while since I've update my blog. I know I say this everytime. I was bored of uploading pictures so thought I would just update things about myself.

All have been well, just sad that few of my close collegues are leaving.. It's gonna be glommy without them. But life goes on, with more work. I did apply for a scholorship for the compnay that I work for. But I came in 3rd, they only pay for 2 people per year. So I guess I will try again next year. Now what's left and is a suspense is the promotion. Finger cross, just hope this works out.

Gaining weight day by day. I now weigh 53.8 kgs. No joke I was shock when I came to know. I need to be at least 50, that is my satisfaction weight. Trying to eat healty like intaking more of salads and nutritious stuff milk, fruits, etc. I will do a diet update soon if this works out. Work out routine remains the same, thrice a week. The only difference is now I am doing weight trainning. It doesn't really help much the weight but with the muscle strenght. Also a few weeks back I had gastric. It was my first time and it was so uncomfortable. I chest was squeeze like crazy, then I did go and get checked up, it all went on well. Just need to eat less of beans. But now I am feeling good.

I need this topic cause it has become important in my life. Not in terms of being rich but in terms of maximization. At the begining of the year I did invest in a bank's stock, in which I did get return of my tax which was a good amount and worth the investment. Then I did get and increase of 8% in my monthly income. From July onwards for 24 months, I have invested in stock with the compnay I work for. (sorry I cannot mention the name of my company.) By the end of the year I am planning to buy life insurance, so lets see how it works out. That should be all of my investment for this year. I am trying to also increase my personal saving by 5%. This might seem less in terms of percentage but its hell hard trust me.

I am so blessed and thankfull to god that I am filled with love. Relationship has its up an down ofcourse. I am in a relationship with someone who is really matured and makes me so comfortable and drive me to a whole next level of my life. He is so down to earth, relax and so raw. I love his rawness, its so pure and hard to describe. Its not love that makes this relationship, its just the connection, the understanding and the adultness of him.

I've really travelled alot this year, started off with Indnesia - Jakarta, then moved to Dubai - UAE and then to singapore. Its been alot, just one trip for holiday though. I just love to travel. But will have to slow down for now.

This is passed by so quick. I've tunred 30, I still cant believe it. Looking for more surprises and excitment that life has to offer. I just need to dare to do it thats all.