Thursday, June 13, 2013


Just a quick update on the new products I own. One of them being a re-purchase item. I am loving all these product except the foundation. Thats the only thing I would not repurchanse. So lets get into it.

The Body Shop - Exfoliating Gloves

Love the gloves! These are a great product for the shower. I use them all over, except for my face. They work great for exfoliation. I use this with my regular daily soap. It does get rid of the dead skin cells a lot better than a body buff and it is very easy to use. Obviously, you need to go easy in the sensitive areas of your body such as around your boobs and inner thigh areas. You'll hurt yourself (rug burn-style) if you're not careful and scrub too vigorously! My only downfall  is that it doesn't lather up that well although the body shop site says it will increase your lather. I got this on sales for 120 Thai Baht. (if I am not wrong)

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Body Shop - Shea Body Scrub
I am a loyal purchaser of the body shop Shea Body Scrub. This is my second tub. I swatched this in store and it is thick, almost like wet sand, I thought it would be a bit harsh but the BS consultant advised me to mix a tiny bit with my body wash and this would create a more creamy wash.I would recommend maybe buying the Shea wash or one that is more nutty so that the smells go together. Because it is so thick, it is easy to use exfoliating gloves. You can dip your finger into the product and get the amount you want. The benefits of using less product with a body wash means that it lasts for ages! The Shea Body Scrub exfoliates really well, my skin felt pringly after use and felt like it helped with my circulation. It keeps my skin moisturised even before applying my moisturiser after my shower. The price is 690 Thai Baht ( I had a 10% discount on top)
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Himalaya Herbals - Purifying - Neem Face Wash

This worked fine to me. I've just started using it for a week. I use it every night when I wash my face. It doesn't seem to dry my skin out thats the best thing about this product. My skin is already dry and sensitive. My face feels clean, but I yet to experience pimple prevention. For the smell, it has this un describale smell which I don't like but I can torrolate it.  This my sister sent it from India, I believe its for 150 Indian Rupees.

Mac Cosmetic - Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

This product is not for oily skin. I find that the studio fix fluid, studio tech, studio fix powder can outperform this durability. , weight on the skin, skin benefits, finish, luster and overall perfomance as a foundation. I just feel that after just 1 hour of application, it is floating on top of the face. It was greasy even though i have dry skin. I might need to find a better way to set it. Still yet to explore.

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