Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 Favorites and 1 Regret July 2013

So I will do this post on a monthly basis. Talking about 5 things I'm loving and the 1 thing I regret buying for this month. Let's get started

1. Jelly Slip on: They are so comfortable and I am so glad to have bought 2 pairs. You can throw in your bag as a emergency pair of shoe because it is super light as well. It's so fun and all time wearable. I really enjoy the skull detailing on it. Bought these from Terminal 21Shopping mall for 250 Baht for a pair.

2. Shades: These sexy shades were for 50 Baht only. The funny think about it is that, It's really difficult for me to find shades that suits my face. This one was the first pick and it fitted amazingly. I got this from a local market in Phaurat. I've just been rocking in these on sunny days. So in love with it.

3. Apple Magic Mouse: The magic is in the Multi-Touch. As mentioned in Apple Thailand website: The new magic mouse redefines what a mouse should do. Om addition to its smooth, seamless top shell design that acts as one button or two, magic mouse features a multi-touch surface with gesture support. 
To be honest, apple products are difficult to use, but once you get the hang of it, it makes wonders. Not that the track pad of MAC is any bad, but this is one of the accessorize you should have of course if you have additional money to spend on. If not the track pad is a class a part anyways. It is the coolest mouse I've ever owned. It looks elegant on my table. I got this mouse for  2,390 Baht from the apple shop. 
For more information, click Apple Website.

4. Taro Fish Snack: This has been my life saver in my diet. I've been trying to lose weight and this has been my to go snack. I put them in a microwave for 20 seconds and they turn out crispy. They don't advertize has slimming product but from the ingredients, I figured that it could fill me with less carbs. Here is the rough ingredient as mention on the package: Fist Meat 77%, Sugar 7%, tapioca Flour 6%, Wheat Flour 4%, no preservative mono-sodium glutamate added. They have got in many flavors and Bar-B-Q flavor is my all time favorite. One packet cost 15 to 20 Baht depending on the quantity.

5. Revlon Just bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous: I absolutely love this product and this color. My previous experience with lip stain were not that great because it would dry me out. But this one, it moisturizes but also stains my lips. I love the orange tangerine color this delivers and even after the sheen dies down, the color still remains and it still looks good. This is a great color to wear during the spring and summer months (not that there is any spring or winter here in Thailand...hahhaha) Got this for around 350 to 400 Baht if I am not wrong. You can get this at Watson, Boots or any department store in Bangkok. 
For more information, click Revlon

1. L'oreal Age Perfect Eye Cream: I remember buying this from Manila duty free and I am so disappointed with this product. It cost around 750 Baht, which is considered to be expensive for a drug store skin care. It did nothing to my under eyes except minimal nourishment. It had big claims of having extravaganza ingredients and all that jazz. It flakes and makes my concealer clog and thick. I tried to give it time and finished it. But in the end it really did nothing and I would NOT buy it again.

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