Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gift from Paris !!!

My cousin sister had gone to Paris to accompany her hubby for work. So she got some goodies for me from Paris. One day I will be there too, I promise.. Kissing under the effile tower .. How sexy would that be.. (giggles) 

She got me this cute key chain and an invisible sun protection spray from L'oreal. I was so excited when I received this sunscreen spray. I am just into apply sunscreen before I leave the house and it has in turn become a routine in my life (which changed from before). 

It has SPF 50 and it's an invisible spray. All the wordings behind were in French, so I couldn't make what formula it was. I did try to search on but there was not much about this spray at all. But from what I assume, you should be able to spray in on top your make up. So that is why I have on my work table, so that I can re- apply my sunblock in the afternoon. 

To be honest, it feels a sticky on my face after spraying it. But elsewhere was tolerable to me. I thought with the spray, it shouldn't be so sticky and oily on my face. Rather than this, my cancer council sunscreen works way better, in terms of stickiness. here is a link to my cancer council sunscreen review
There is no white cast from this spray. It has a strong sunscreen smell but I am ok with it.

For more information, visit L'oreal Paris website