Saturday, July 27, 2013

Magnum M Cafe in Jakarta - Indonesia

I was in Jakarta a couple of months back for work and one of the days we went to try Magnum cafe as non of us as ever tried it before. So this was my first Magnum experience. The experience was just wow. The second one was in Bangkok, click on this link to see my Magnum M Cafe Review in Bangkok.

Of course at that time, magnum cafe had just revamp in Jakarta, so the queue was quite long. But yet we waited and waited. It was worth the wait. I would say the Magnum M Cafe in Jakarta is way better than the one in Bangkok. The set-up and the feeling was average in Bangkok.

Atmosphere: The set-up was so grand and it felt so expensive. Every detail of the design was thought about into tiny bits. They had a small outdoor as well, which had an awesome view. If I am not wrong it's on the 6th floor. It's the perfect atmosphere for friends or family to catch up or even better for a date. It is a perfect place to hang out. 

Value: It was valuable. It was perfect for the price. Specially my order was the red velvet, OMG, its to die for. The experience of eating it was so worth the money paid for. The mouth melting ice-crem and it's richness was superb. One dish was  around 160 Baht. 

Service: The service here I would say average as all the table was occupied so they had to really turn over the table as quick as possible thus causing not pay a lot of attention to us. 

Address: Beside Blitzmegaplex, 6th Floor, west mall of Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

For more information, visit Magnum Cafe website