Monday, July 1, 2013

Rambling - Fitness First Pinklao

I have been a member of fitness first since 2012 October after California shut down. I had made a 12 month advance by cash with them for a normal club type. Since fitness first is opening a new branch in paragon, I decided to upgrade to platinum. I had made additional six month payment for upgrade to platinum membership 2 weeks back and was to start the new member status on 1st july. So today I went to the club to get my member card changed to platinum  so that from tomorrow onwards I could join the new club near my workplace. 

So guess what happened when I went to get the card changed. They said my member status has not yet been upgraded. I was confused. They said I needed to pay more money and also that last time they exchange the return money wrong to me. I was like hellooo  thats not my problem, but the contract clearly said this amount so I paid. She was like we need to collect one more month of fees because this new promotion was only for people who said by credit card. I was like you should be giving me this because I have paid you cash and that too for all the month in advance. They didn't agree and the sales staff was talking to me so rudely that I didn't wanna make any calm with them. So I then talk to the manager and got all the quarrels settled. It was so annoying, they should have called that very next day or inform me in advance that they was a miscalculation or what, not that wait for me to come in and then tell me all this.