Monday, July 29, 2013

Review - Have a Zeed by Steak Lao Restaurant

Today I went for a catch up with my friend Neet at Terminal 21Shopping Mall, we were actually heading to eat at Piri Piri but this restaurant struck us. This restaurant serves Thai or what you call I-san food. There was a big selection of the food, it was just so hard to decide what to order. They had variety of drinks and yummy flavor ice cream. We were 2 of us and we ordered 4 dishes and and the yummy lemon Ice-tea. I like all that we ordered except for one dish that had fish, they served was frozen fish which ruin the taste. The restaurant was packed.

Atmosphere: Hmm I would say it was more like an air condition food court. Tables were close to each other and you can here what surroundings table are talking about. It's more for family brunching or  a quick catch up meal kinda restaurant.

Value: We ordered 4 dishes and 2 Lemon Ice tea. The check came for 830 Baht. I would say moderate. It is slightly expensive I would say with that kind of a atmosphere.

Service: Service was good. The staff I guess are from somewhere else cause they couldn't speak Thai properly but that doesn't bother me at all. Also we had ordered som tam (Thai papaya Salad) without shrimp, but it came with it. My friend is allergic to shrimp so we had asked them to change, without hesitant, they quickly did.

Address: 4th Floor of Terminal 21 Shopping mall on Sukhumvit road.

Overall: If your not looking for a fancy restaurant and want good I-sarn or Thai food, I do recommend this place.

Lemon Ice Tea

Larb Woon Sen

Larb Moo Thod
Fish with Mango Salad

Somtam and Khor moo Yang