Monday, July 8, 2013

Thai Papaya Salad - Somtam

Somtam aka Thai papaya salad is Thailand's traditional salad/dish. It's my favorite salad when I need to control on my diet. It's not more than 150 calories for sure, it would be lesser without the peanuts. Since I don't like peanuts, it's even better for me. A plate of papaya salad could fill your stomach and give you all the taste craving. You could make it spicy or sour depending on your tast bud. Usually Thai's would make it so spicy with at least more than 3 chillies a plate. But for me 1 is more than enough.

So if your on a diet, this could be a snack in your diet routine. The preparation is quite easy, don't need a lot of time.

Details of the recipe, click on this link: Papaya Salad Recipe


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