Monday, August 5, 2013

Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital - BNH Hospital

A little rambling here today, I had this horrible pain around my tooth right side for the past one week. It would pain like hell when I drink normal room temperature water. So last saturday I had gone to a dentist in Thonburi hospital. I got it checked by Dr. Piyanoot. She checked and did several test and x-ray and found nothing wrong with my teeth or gums. Then she asked me to get my sinus checked. 

So today afternoon, I went to BNH Hospital to get it checked. First of all the service was so bad. The doctor wanted to me do a CTC scan which was for 3,500 Baht, So I asked them to check with my insurance if this could be covered. They checked and told me that, they will get back to me in 2 days if it would covered. Now tell me who the hell would wait for 2 days, when the pain is hell. I remember going to Bumrungrad hospital and they would tell you right away if it did cover or not. I was so disappointed with BNH. Anyways, I let the insurance thing so and got it check cause I couldn't bare the pain. It was my first CTC scan ever. I was a bit nervous and scared to be honest. It was all done in 10 minutes. But to wait for the result, I had to wait for 45 minutes. Then when the result came, the doctor, there is nothing wrong with my nose or sinus area. She told me to wait for a week and observe the pain. Now tell me, I have been baring the pain for the past 1 week and I have observed it and couldn't bare it that is why I came to the hospital right???? I don't understand why they can't figure it out. I am so annoyed and in pain. I can barely drink water or eat properly. Even she couldn't figure out anything but she gave me a truck load of medicine. Here is the list of medicine she gave me:
  1. Ultracet Caplet - For pain
  2. Pseudoephedrine (60mg) - Decongestant
  3. Arcoxia (120 mg) - For pain and inflammation
  4. Klacid (500 mg) Antibiotics
  5. AvaMYS NS Small Bottle (27.5 mcg/dose)
I have just started to take the medicine today, so hope I feel better by tomorrow. 

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