Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Follow of BNH Hospital

More of rambling, that night that I came back from the doctor, I took the complete set of medicine. After an hour and half, I vomited, felt so weak, heart was pumping so fast and I was feel drowsy and uneasy.

The next morning, there is a BNH clinic in the building that I work, so I went there to get my medicine change. And guess what, they couldn't change the medicine for me as the medicine was issued from the hospital. I think the least they should have the sharing of database and be able to adjust my meds accordingly. I find it so insufficiant. What is the use of having branches all over??

Anyhow, after that, the nurse came to talk to me and advice me to stop all the medicine except the antibiotics. And if the pain is still there just have a paracetamol. 

So last night I took the antibiotic as the nurse mentioned, and guess what happened, I had upset stomach. For sure I am allergic to the medicine even although it is mention of the side effect of these medicine would be as I went through. So today I am thinking of not taking any medicine except for the paracetamol and observe the pain.