Sunday, August 25, 2013

Indian Party

It was my friend Ratti's wadai party. Wadai party in the indian community of Bangkok means when you announce the confirmation of a wedding between two people. It's not an engagement party. Just a celebration of the official announcement. Nothing much happens in the function other than, people who attends the wedding, give gifts or money to the to be bride and groom. Then there is a small performance my the friends and family and then there is dinner. Dance floor is open at all times, people are just crazily dancing to Bollywood music. Not to forget the sideline gossip and scrutinizing of other people's dress and their relationships. As much as I want to avoid the talks, people eventually make me fall for the talks. Not saying that I am some saint or anything but yeah it goes one. Like other Indian parties, it is a must to wear indian traditional dress. Here is what I choose to wear. 

The Bride - Ratti 

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