Friday, August 16, 2013

Movie Buffet

When I was in Singapore, I manage to watch three very interesting movies.

The Conjuring
They say its taken from a true life events, the scariest film in recent times and cliched but chilling. Hats off to the movie makers, to be the movie was above bars and lived up to the hype. This is surely by far the best horror flick I have seen in recent years. Definitely a big thumbs up to the director and the actors in the movie. It kept my heart beating fast. But from the reviews that I read, they say it is not as scary as The exorcism of Emily Rose. I haven't seen this one as yet so I cannot compare it. I do recommend you to go watch it.
Chennai Express
This is a Bollywood movie just release few days back. The hype for this movie was par apart being that King Khan was the lead. I have a love hate for this movie. I enjoyed it because the comedy part was hilarious like ready steady po. It was also because of Deepika acting that was point on. On the other end, I didn't really enjoy the story at all. The word for it is Borkwaas. The movie was too long  and it was too loud/noisy, shouting all the time. It was just non sense.  It just good for time pass only. 
Flight Plan
I watched this on FOX movie. It was at 1 in the morning that I browse and saw this movie, I started watching and couldn't let my eyes off it. The movie was a bit confusing cause you don't know what was actually happening but towards the end, when everything came together, it was hell interesting. The review of this movie was not at all good and it didn't really make much of the money, but it was really interesting for me. Not much cast but being a flight movie maybe that is why it kept me awake. 

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